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The Burmese people who live in Battle Creek come from Chin State, Burma. We are from a small village where there are no residential phone lines, no electricity, and not much running water. There are few paved roads and hardly any vehicles. People either walk or ride bike. There are hardly any jobs, which is why we left. We wanted to find work and support our families. Many people in Burma (Myanmar) know America is a country of great opportunity. Coming to America is fulfilling one of our greatest dreams.

The founder of Battle Creek Burmese community in 1987 was Edward Thawnghmung and family. Edward and his family are also from Chin State, Burma. Ever since then, Battle Creek has been our home.

The very first Burmese Catholic person who came to Battle Creek is Paul Sanglyen. Paul is one of the five thousands Immigrants Diversity Visa winners. The first people to introduce the Burmese Catholic Association to St. Joseph Parish were Monica Sansui, Monica Cuai, Mya Htwe, Khuang Sui's family, Dennis Vumzathang, and Robert Aung.

St. Joseph Parish has welcomed us warmly. We now have sixty-two households and over two hundred people belonging to the St. Joseph Parish family. Just like Jesus taught his disciples how to love one another and help each other, our church family has loved, helped and supported us.

More information about the Burmese Community is available here.

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