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Our Schantz Pipe Organ

Schantz Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ Specifications

Our Past, Our Present, Our Future When the “Barn” Church was opened in 1947, a simple reed organ was installed. It looked like a small piano and created the “organ sound” by manually pumping air through a bellows. Popular during the 19th century, this instrument was widely used in small churches and private homes.

The following year, St. Joseph purchased a small pipe organ for $1500.00 from Dr. Verindy of Marshall. It was limited in its sound production and, prior to building the new church, an electronic organ was purchased. This instrument offered a larger variety of sounds with less upkeep. It provided music for St. Joseph until 1973, when a Baldwin electronic organ was purchased. The Baldwin organ was used for more than 35 years, which is beyond the life expectancy for an electronic organ.

In 2009 a committee was formed to pursue purchase of a new organ. After much research, it was decided to purchase a Schantz Pipe Organ. The Schantz Organ Company, founded in 1873, is the oldest and largest organ building firm in the country and one of the most financially sound. Schantz organs have a reputation for being focused on worship; instruments that support the singing of hymns and worship music. They can play a broad cross section of solo literature for the organ.

Our Schantz Organ features two manuals, 21 ranks, 18 stops, and more than 1000 pipes ranging from a few inches to over 16 feet. The console features an oak case, keyboards with bone naturals and rosewood sharps, an adjustable organist bench, and state of the art memory combination action.

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